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Become inspired and meet international students of primary and secondary education and coaching staff (teachers and academic staff) at the Teacher in Europe (TIE 2020) student conference in Zwolle, the Netherlands, on 22, 23 and 24 April 2020! Our successful international conference will be aimed at students from teacher trainer colleges for both primary (age group: '4–12') and secondary education (age groups: '12–15' and '15-18').
Theme of the conference will be: ‘Educating teachers for diversity: meeting the challenge!’
Diversity has become the new standard in our continuously globalizing world, not only in terms of nationality, but also in terms of religion, social class, and so on. As a result, this reality is reflected in the composition of a class of students. As a (future) teacher, you therefore have a possibility to teach students how to deal with both the difficulties and opportunities of diversity. The focus during the TIE2020 student conference will be on how to successfully deal with diversity in the classroom. A range of experts will provide you with theoretical reflections and practical tools to prepare you for this task! Students will work in international groups on an international project plan about diversity and will be guided by coaches. During the final day of the conference each group will present their plan to the other groups. A special programme for coaches will provide support in guiding the students during the process if working on their projects. Coaches are able to travel under the Erasmus+ programme. To enjoy this conference we ask student participants to pay 75 euro's. Students from HU, KPZ or Viaa are free to come.

Deadline for application for Teacher in Europe 2020 (TiE2020): 1 March 2020!

Please check this schedule to determine your conference fee (participant type): Overview Participant types:

A - Students
A1. KPZ, Viaa, HU (International Class or Dutch) student (No conference fee)
A2. All other (international) students. (Conference fee: € 75,-)

B – Teachers and Academic Staff of Teacher Training Colleges
Teachers and Staff will participate as a coach during the conference. Coaches are (mostly) able to travel under the Erasmus+ Programme. For information about Erasmus please ask at your home University’s International Office.

(No conference fee).

C. Conference Lecturers and Organisation
C1. Lecturer at the TIE conference (No conference fee)
C2. Conference Organisation (administrative, coordinators ..) (No conference fee)

Cancellation policy
All participants, students and teachers are obliged to pay € 75,- administration costs if they withdraw within 4 weeks before the conference.

Please note: This cancellation policy is also effective for students from Viaa, HU or KPZ.
If you withdraw after Monday 23 March 2020, within 4 weeks before the conference starts, you are obliged to pay € 75,- for registration.

Organisation Organisers of the TIE student conference are:
HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Katholieke PABO Zwolle University of Applied Sciences and Viaa Christian University of Applied Sciences.

TIE Poster 2020 
TIE 2018 - Programme - Example (to get an idea of this event)
TIE2020 - conference flyer

Registration procedure participants. Information and instruction:
1. Click on the title ‘Student conference Teacher in Europe 2020’ (or: click on ‘Log in’ - right corner of the home page)
2. You enter the page to register. First time here you create a new account by clicking on : ‘Create new account’
3. Fill out the questions to create your account (For the question about participant type, read also the information at this homepage)
4. You receive a link in your mailbox to confirm your registration.
5. Please confirm your registration by following the instructions in the 'confirmation email' and enter the Teacher in Europe Moodle environment.
6. Click on the conference title: 'Student Conference Teacher in Europe 2020'
7. 'Enrolment options' appears (above the conference title) on the screen.
8. 'Log out' and wait until you receive an email about the further procedure.  
9. You have registered now for Teacher in Europe 2020. 
10.We will check all registrations regularly
11.You will receive an email informing you about the conditions to admit you as participant (coach or student).
Students need to pay the conference contribution first (except students from HU, Viaa or KPZ).
If your home university pays the conference contribution for you; we wait until the contribution has been paid.
12. You will receive an email as soon as you are admitted.
13. When you are admitted, you have access to the Moodle environment of Teacher in Europe 2020.
14. Click on your username (at the top, right side of the home page), select 'preference' and 'edit profile'.
Please add your picture and maybe additional information about who you are.
15. Several weeks before the conference starts we will inform you about the preparatory assignment for the conference.

If you have any question about the procedure or if you have other questions, please contact Ria Posthumus (email: r.posthumus@kpz.nl)

Please note:  Because we expect many registrations from students and because we want a fair share of participants from different universities, we use the following policy for admission.

  • Maximum of 5 students per institution
  • 1 Coach (teacher) together with 4-5 students from the same home institution
  • 1 Coach per 5 students
  • Maximum of 2 coaches per home institution (together with 5-10 students)

Non-Dutch students from Europe will be accepted in balance with Dutch students and in the same way we maintain balance between different nationalities and students for primary education and secondary education. This means that we will have to make a decision based on this balance. Be aware of this, it can result in some time between your application and our answer.
If larger groups - from the same home university - want to register they should contact us (email: r.posthumus@kpz.nl). We (the organisation) will see what is possible. We have places for approximately 100-120 participants.

Practical information
Student participants pay € 75,- for participation (accommodation - 2 overnights - and catering during the conference is included).
We provide group accommodation for students at Summercamp, Heino (https://heino.nl/).
There will be bus transport from Summercamp to conference venue v.v. during the conference days.
Students have to bring towels and toilet stuff themselves; bed linen (sheets) will be provided.

Teachers (coaches) can participate with Erasmus funding (Erasmus Teaching mobility). Upon request we provide assistance in finding accommodation in Zwolle. Catering during conference days is included. Teachers will participate as a coach during the programme and will coach one or two teams of international students, working on an international project.

Procedure payment conference fee
Conference contribution 75,- (75 euros).
Please pay the required contribution to:
Beneficiary name: Stichting Hogeschool Viaa
International Bank Account Number (IBAN): NL19RABO0314622802
Please add the following description (reference) to the payment: 'TIE2020 + your name'
The BIC (bank identification code)/ SWIFT number of the bank is: RABONL2U
Name and address bank: Rabobank, Willemskade 1, 8011 AC ZWOLLE

Public transport
Zwolle has good railway connections. For train schedules please check: www.ns.nl/en
From Railway Station Zwolle to the conference venue is a 20 minute walk.
For bus connections from railway / bus station Zwolle, please consult Public transport information: https://9292.nl/en


For questions about the registration procedure or other questions related to the Teacher in Europe student conference send an email to: r.posthumus@kpz.nl (Ria Posthumus, International Office Katholieke Pabo Zwolle)

Conference organisation:
Timon Koster - Policy Officer Internationalization - KPZ University of Applied Sciences

Ria Posthumus - International Office Assistant - KPZ University of Applied Sciences
Bert Kuiper - Coördinator PABO 1-4, Internship Office - Viaa University of Applied Sciences
Marlinde Lieffijn - International Officer - Viaa University of Applied Sciences
Geert van Rooijen - Teacher Trainer Institute Archimedes - University of Applied Sciences Utrecht